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Post your idea and what skills you are looking for in your teammates.

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Accept and invite members from the IdeaNetwork and message them to see if they are your perfect partner.

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With your team full of skilled people who share the same vision, LAUNCH your business and let us know how successful it becomes!

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Is it safe to share my idea with the world?

  1. IdeaNetwork uses a "What if" statement for users to describe their idea. Therefore, users only see the problem that is being solved, and then the individuals interested in your statement apply to join your team chat where you can elaborate on your business idea.
  2. IdeaNetwork is a private network that only has people from your group (ex: Columbia, New York University, TeenageEntrepreneur). 
  3. Some entrepreneurs tell their ideas to hundreds of people. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Success is all about EXECUTION. What are you waiting for? Find the team with the necessary skills to develop your business idea and launch your start-up!
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